Anni Kytömäki

Anni Kytömäki (b. 1980) is a writer based in Hämeenkyrö. She has worked in non-governmental organizations and as a musician. In her home region, she walks around the horsebacks, swamps and mosses, listens to the wind and tries to find pathways into stories that might be true. Her first novel Kultarinta (2014) was a candidate for the Finlandia prize and it was awarded the Kaarle prize, Finlandia of Blogistania, Tulenkantaja prize and the literature prize of Tampere city. The second novel Kivitasku (2017) has been popular and also won the literature prize of Tampere city. The third novel, Margarita (2020) was awarded the Finlandia prize.

Bio: Gummerus

Photo: Liisa Valonen