Elsi Hyttinen

Elsi Hyttinen is a literature researcher based in Helsinki. She works at University of Turku and she has also worked as a journalist in Finnish broadcasting company Yle, Tulva and Voima. At the moment, she is finalizing a book of Finnish literature and queer in 1910s. Hyttinen is also interested in post-humanistic and ecocritical literature research and she has given lectures and written about these themes, too.

“I think that at the moment, we are living through a big cultural change. The nature, which we once used to repress, has changed into a unforeseeable collaborator. We caused it by ourselves, we mixed up the systems that supported each other. Now the old knowledge of the world will no longer be valid, and the old understanding of the culture no longer feels justifiable. We are in a limbo, the new sequence is only taking shape.”

Photo: Ilona Pikkanen