Hannimari Heino

Hannimari Heino (b. 1963) is a translator and poet living in Porvoo. She has published three poetry collections, and two literary letterworks with the poet Kristiina Wallin. Since 1995, Heino has translated multiple Italian contemporary writers into Finnish, and publicised Italian poetry of the 20th century with her Giuseppe Ungaretti -selection Haudattu satama (WSOY/NVL, 1996), anthology of contemporary Italian poetry Miten paljon teistä täältä näkyy (Nihil Interit, 2006), Eugenio Montale -selection Tuo minulle auringonkukka (Kustannusliike Parkko, 2018), that brough her the international Flaiano italianistica -award, and with her soon to be published Antonella Anedda -selection Anatomioita (Kustannusliike Parkko, 2022).

Photo: Juhani Ihanus