Kristian Blomberg

Kristian Blomberg (b. 1975) is an award-winning poet based in Jyväskylä, one of the founders of publishing house Poesia and its former publication editor.

His third book Valokaaria (2015) was awarded Kalevi Jäntti prize and Nihil Interit poetry prize. Blomberg’s second book itsekseen muuttuva (2011) was nominated for Tanssiva karhu prize and Einari Vuorela prize. Blomberg’s translation of René Charin’s Hypnoksen muistikirja (2009) won the Aphorism book of the year prize.

Blomberg has also translated e.g. texts by Anne Carson and Aram Saroyan together with Harry Salmenniemi. He has also worked as an editor-in-chief in the poetry magazine Tuli&Savu. He has written many essays about new forms of poetry and they have been published also in Parnasso and Nuori Voima.

Bio: Poesia

Photo: Olli-Pekka Tennilä