Kultapalmut combine visual and aural dimensions into a magical, modern day magic lamp -performance – like an experimental Laterna Magica. Moving picture and live sound are present simultaneously. The duo creates sorts of real-time movies, of which every one turns out to be unique. There’s also experimentality and coincidence involved: a single performance can never be reiterated as it was.

Pauliina Mäkelä: visuals, overhead projector
Topias Tiheäsalo: the electric guitar, electronics

Pauliina Mäkelä and Topias Tiheäsalo live together in Turku. They work with visuals and sound, respectively. Mäkelä is an awarded illustrator, who works within visual arts and comics. Tiheäsalo is a guitarist focusing on improvised and experimental music, who also makes music programs for Yle Radio 1.

Photo: Rasmus Forssell