Laura Gustafsson

Laura Gustafsson is a writer and a dramaturge who also actively works in the field of visual arts. She ahs written five novels, written drama and scripts and columns (at the moment for Voima and Parnasso). Together with Terike Haapoja, Gustafsson has made many award-winning and internationally shown artworks, where theater, media, performance and visual arts are combined. The have also edited books together. Gustafsson was working as a collective director in Pixelache Helsinki 2021 Festival.

“I want to take part in creating a culture and society which is not based on hierarchies, possession and the higher position of white, able-bodied human body/mind. In my art, I’m looking for ways to show the interdependencies, entireties and connections and the incomprehensibility of the normalized things. I want to show the agency where it is not usually seen.”

Photo: Velda Parkkinen