Maria Matinmikko

Maria Matinmikko (b. 1983 Oulu) is a poet and prosaist living in Turku. The liteature of Matinmikko moves between the borders of different genre, combining poetic, philosophic, and societal thinking in different ways. She is known, for example, for her trilogy of works, which includes the books Valkoinen (ntamo, 2012), Musta (Mahdollisen kirjallisuuden seura, 2013) and Värit (Siltala, 2017). Matinmikko’s most recent work is the novel Kolkka (Siltala, 2019), which was nominated for the Runeberg-prize. Matinmikko has won, among others, Yle’s Dancing Bear Prize, and the Kalevi Jäntti literature prize.

Photo: Jasmiina Sipilä