Olento Orchestral

Olento Orchestral’s rough rune singing-folk-pop reaches toward light, but ends up in the grey areas of life. The songs lean heavily on the lyrics, but the poems come to life only as part of the melody. The songs’ message rises from the contradictions of human beings. The song “Anatomian alkeet” (Anatomy 101) sums it up: “Inner restlessness is built in / when the heart, mind, instincts and blood fight for power”.

The members of Olento Orchestral are artists from different fields, who were raised among music but pursued careers elsewhere. Contemporary artist Tellervo Kalleinen composes, writes lyrics, sings, and plays the guitar. Actor Outi Vuoriranta sings and plays the bass, contemporary artist Kaisa Salmi plays the keybord, and graphic designer-illustrator Bassi Mattson codes the beats, and plays the ukulele and the melodica.

Olento Orchestral’s first full lenght album “Anatomia” will be released 26.8.
Instagram: oorchestral
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/Olento1
Bandcamp: olento.bandcamp.com

Photo: Noora Geagea