Radek Štěpánek (CZ)

Radek Štěpánek (1986) was born in Prachatice, the town at foothills of Šumava, Czech republic. He is a graduate in Environmental Studies and Journalism Studies of Masaryk University. He works as an editor and PR specialist at the Host publishing-house in Brno.

His first book of poems, Soudný potok (The Stream of Judgement), was released in 2010. He has written and released eight books of poems since then. The last piece, a long epic poem Vichřice (The Windstorm), was published last year.

Štěpánek’s work can be defined as an examination of many facets and shades of a relationship between human beings and nature. He keeps asking questions about how to live a sustainable and simple life, in a profound contact with our environment. How to experience our everyday deeply and how to come into a dialog with a living world that surrounds us, often so closely that can be easily overlooked.

He lives in a small town of Telč in Highland, with his wife Tereza and two year old daughter Julie.

Photo: Tim Postovit