Rebecca Kenny

Former custodian of young minds, current poet and publisher, teller of truths, amplifier of voices and all round undercover superhero (she wears her pants on the inside, but she’s fooling no one), Rebecca (she/her) is the founder of Bent Key Publishing, so-called because of the key the doctors found embedded in her leg following a car accident that left her in more pieces than an impossible jigsaw. After this brush with mortality, she decided to grab life by its hair and follow her passion for poetry, not only by performing and publishing her own, but by allowing others to do the same.
Having written her first collection “The Poet Who Broke Her Back” (quite literally on her back due to a lack of other options), her second “Crash & Learn” launched not only a splendid performer but an umbrella for rarely-heard voices by the dozen. Whether offering to embrace angry men from online comment sections, bravely exposing trauma both mental and physical, or expanding your vocabulary both crude and clever, she wants “to feel everything” – and to make you feel it too.