Socially Awkward System

‘Socially Awkward System’ (working title) is a generative, insecure system that explores the awkwardness, frictions and vulnerability of trying to connect oneself to the outside world. This computational system reflects on the universal themes of alienness and the fear of “getting out there”: it scans all the bits of information it’s able to collect and tries to make sense of them them through machine learning classifications. From the collected material it produces a set of interpretations in the form of text fragments, ambient soundscapes and visual changes. The user is invited to become part of this process by providing the system with various kinds of input via an online interface and a physical installation. With this non-human system, we explore the very human themes of communication struggles, uncertainty and insecurity.

Work group: Lauri Hei, Veera Jussila, Joonas Puuppo, Santeri Salmirinne, Marloes van Son