sprechbohrer (DE)

The Cologne-based speech art trio sprechbohrer (Sigrid Sachse, Harald Muenz, Georg Sachse) was founded in 2004 to perform texts from a musical perspective, situated between music, phonetics and literature. All three members of the ensemble are established musicians. Their diverse experiences in the areas of composing and interpreting, literature and phonetics, flow together in the ensemble work of sprechbohrer and complement each other into a singular, transgressive, multilingual approach. The ensemble has been working in consultation with authors on works at the threshold of language and music for many years. Through such a direct cooperation, an interpretational authenticity can be reached. As an example one can name the integral overall execution and CD-production of Hans G HelmsFa:m’ Ahniesgwow, made possible by Art Foundation NRW and Hesse Broadcasting (Hessischer Rundfunk), its release was among others even awarded the German Record Critics’ Award. 2014 the ensemble put forward a CD with works by Kurt Schwitters (“Ursonate” and other consequential poetry). Sprechbohrer worked with many composers of various generations, such as Stefan Streich, hans w. koch, Hans Peter Reutter, Peter Behrendsen or also often with Gerhard Rühm.

Samples of sprechbohrer’s work:

https://soundcloud.com/sprechbohrer ; http://www.sprechbohrer.de/

Photo: Natalia Reich