Suvi Valli

Suvi Valli is a poet, essayist and translator living in Jyväskylä. Her latest poetry book Spiraali was awarded the Nihil Interit poetry prize and was nominated for Tanssiva karhu prize. Valli has translated books e.g. by German J.G. Seume, who visited Finland in the beginning of the 19th centure and wrote the book Mein Sommer 1805 (Fin. Kesä 1805) about his journey.

Valli’s most recent book, the essay collection Hallittua kaatumista ja muita ruumiin kielen asentoja (Poesia) was published in 2021. The book examines the language of the body, bodily experiences, the gender roles and literature through postures. Each posture has their own essay: e.g. squat, bending, bounce, shoulders raising up to ears and middle finger can be found. Valli has illustrated the book with figures made of text collages.

Photo: Tomi Kontio