A Poetry Comic / Comic Poetry Workshop

In the Poetry Comic / Comic Poetry Workshop, directed by poet, comic artist, and visual artist Tiina Lehikoinen, each participant gets to work on their own short piece that that falls somewhere between comics and poetry. The course consists of two 90-minute virtual workshops, one on Tuesday 25th of August and another on Thursday 27th of August 17-18.30. The workshop will be held online through Zoom.

In the first session, participants begin to sketch their own work based on some cross-artistic examples, and the finished works are discussed during the second session.

The workshop will be held in Finnish. For more details, check the Finnish-language page.

Tiina Lehikoinen is a writer, visual artist and art educator. Her most recent book is the feminist collection of short prose Kukkien kapina – Yökertomuksia (Like 2020). https://tiinalehikoinen.wordpress.com/

Tiina Lehikoinen will also perform on Wednesday 26th of August at 19-22 at the Experimental Literature Club.