Another worlds essay workshop

Essay is a combination of various literature genres and approaches. It can mix people´s controversial experiences about their identities and backgrounds with pop culture at the same text. Essay can be multilingual and combine different languages.  At the workshop there is creative writing exercises that help participant to see the possibilities of an essay.

Everyone can participate to the workshop, and participating is not depending on your background. You don´t need experience about creative writing. At the core of the exercises is pop culture, and every participant thinks of some interesting topic before the course. Your angle can be for example tv series, book, hit song or fashion.

The workshop takes into account inclusive feminism´s principles and the Oodi library is accessible to wheelchair users.  The workshop is free of charge. Maximum amount of participants is 12. Teaching languages are Finnish and/or English. Please write a short motivation letter when you register to the workshop.The letter is for background info for the teachers. You can write the letter in Finnish, Swedish, English or French.

Teachers: essayist, doctoral researcher Riikka Ala-Hakula and essayist, critic Maaria Ylikangas.

Registration opens in August.

In cooperation with Oodi, FeVer and Tulva


Töölönlahdenkatu 4, 00100 Helsinki