Courtyard Poetry!

Poetry arrives to your courtyards! Finland’s Reciters’ Association will go around courtyards reciting new poetry from 2019. The performers are Jarmo Heikkinen, Mirjami Heikkinen, Lauri Niskanen and Maija-Liisa Ström. Poet Miira Luhtavaara and Leena Sainio will also join the reciters. The performance can be watched from balconies, windows and from the courtyard itself. All performances will take place on Saturday 22.8. between 16 and 18.

If you would like to invite us to your home and think your yard would be a suitable venue, you can apply as follows:

Take a picture or pictures of the courtyard.

Send us an e-mail to by the end of July and tell us at which address and district the courtyard is located and send the Picture(s). Also let us know if there is something special about the courtyard, such as lots of balconies or some sort of platform to perform on.

If you are chosen, ask permission from your apartment complex for a courtyard gig. Please note that amplifiers will be used if possible. If the courtyard is large, there may be smaller gigs in several spots.

In collaboration with Finland’s Reciters’ Association