Deep dive into poetry: Harry Salmenniemi

Deep dive into poetry is about focusing on the poetry collection Kuume (2022, Siltala) by Harry Salmenniemi. The collection is Salmenniemi’s seventh poetry collection, by which he returns to poetry having published mainly short story collections in recent years. The airy and sketchy poems of Kuume (fever) take turns with impressive prose poems. The five extensive parts of the collection show how strangely and interestingly the world can be seen and depicted. Salmenniemi is interviewed by critic Vesa Rantama.

Free entry. The discussion is held in Finnish.

INFO: At Suvilahti on the 25th of August there is an open air concert by the Danish band DAD. Therefore it is the easiest to navigate to Tiivistämö from Kalasatama/REDI shopping centre. It will be difficult to park in the area. There is only 300m from the Kalasatama metro station to Tiivistämö. Please reserve more time than usual to get to Tiivistämö on Thursday under these conditions.


Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00580 Helsinki