Ending Runokuu: Kasvusto club

At Poetry Moon´s last event we will have topics from houseplants to destroying nature. The club starts with discussion about houseplant´s poetry by Janne Löppönen and Paavo Kässi. After that Anna-Sofia Anttonen will play solo saxophone work by composer Luciano Berio.

After the break the stage fills with authors: Lea Sauer and Maria Matinmikko will have a talk and reading, Pauli Tapio and Olli-Pekka Tennilä will perform their newest poetry from poetry books Tyhjä suuri ja öinen and Lemmonommel.

Later at the evening we see Jan Kaus, an estonian poet, who has got sharp notices about society, and poetry and comic book aesthetics combined by Jyrki Heikkinen. There is also a conversation with Austrian author Judith Nika Pfeifer and Finnish poet Suvi Valli. Last performance will be Crashing, a new piece about our controversial connection to the nature by author Katri Naukari and photographer Janne Myllymäki. The text is based on Naukari´s novel Yhden puun tuho, which combines prose and essay. Soundscape and video are made by Janne Myllymäki.

After all this, DJ Johndear plays punk + disco!

Tickets: 10/12 € + service fee.

Maximum number of visitors will be announced in August to ensure safe participation.

Note: Yle Teema will be present at the event, and they will film some of the event for their new tv program.

The event is held in cooperation with Tuli&Savu, Poesia, Suomen Viro-yhdistysten liitto, Estonian institute, Goethe-Institut Finnland, Embassy of Austria, Versopolis, EU Creative Europe program


Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00580 Helsinki