Poetry Mixtape

Welcome to the main event of Poetry Moon!

The evening features, among other things, the debut performance of electro post punk band Kutisevat Neitsyet, which will reinterpret Laura Lindstedt‘s dissertation in literary studies (2003–2021). The band consists of Rotten Loora, Oren Petraskål and Hani Satyainen (also known as Laura Lindstedt, Petra Lampinen and Satu Järvinen). The evening will also feature Tanssiva karhu award nominees Rosanna Fellman and Jere Vartiainen. There will also be a sound poem by Olli Aarni. In addition, poets Jyrki Kiiskinen and Tua Forsström will perform together. Sirpa Kyyrönen is the poet-hostess of the evening. She will lead the evening, at times reading from her new collection Nimeni on Marjatta. The music will be provided by dj flâneuse.

(Added 11.8.) The evening also features New Latvian Poetry by the Latvian poets Marija Luīze Meļķe, Kirils Ēcis, Aivars Madris, Anna Auziņa and Elvīra BlomaJane Flett will also perform.

The event will be in Finnish.

The safe number of participants for the event will be announced in August. Ticket sales for the event will also open in August. Tickets 10/12 €.

In collaboration with Tiivistämö. The trip of the Riga Experimental Poetry Group has been supported by Nordic Culture Point and the Latvian embassy. Olli Aarn’s performance is supported by Taike.