Poetry Mixtape Suvilahti

The festival’s main event is filled with vibrant poetry readings and inter-artistic performances by Poetry Moon’s fantastic foreign and domestic guests. An American poet Renee Gladman takes the stage as Poetry Moon’s main guest with her anticipated solo reading. Other foreign guests of the evening are Anneke Brassinga, a famous Dutch writer, and Andra Teede, an Estonian poet and playwright. Brassinga and Teede will perform in their native tongues.

Among the evening’s domestic acts, Finland’s Poetry Slam champion of 2018 and a feminist poet, Nihkee Akka brings the premiere of her first long performance to Tiivistämö. Also performing: Niina Oisalo, Sanna Karlström and Janne Lastumäki, Ihmissyöjän ystävät, Riikka Ala-hakula with her Runotarot, Laaja-kollektiivi.

The event is hosted in Finnish.

Tickets: 8 € (5 € for the members of Nuoren Voiman Liitto)

In collaboration with Dutch Foundation for Literature, U. S. Embassy in Finland, Suomen Viro-yhdistysten liitto, Viro-instituutti, Laaja-kollektiivi


Kaasutehtaankatu 1