Poetry Mixtape + Tanssiva karhu

Runokuu’s main event Poetry Mixtape is extra exciting this year as it includes the announcement of the Tanssiva karhu (´Dancing Bear´) poetry competition’s new winner!

First part:

The evening begins with the awards ceremony, broadcast live on Yle Radio 1. The 5 finalists will perform their poetry and Pekka Savolainen will perform poems of the late Kaarina Valoaalto. You can read about the finalists Tarita Ikonen, Susinukke Kosola, Virpi Vairinen, Elsa Tölli, Tuomas Timonen and Kaarina Valoaalto here (In Finnish). 

Poet James Meetze will also read his poetry and his translator, poet Kaija Rantakari, the translations. In addition, Antti Halonen plays his musical saw. The first part of the program is free of charge. The broadcast is hosted by Yle cultural journalists Minna Joenniemi and Pietari Kylmälä

In cooperation with Yle – the Finnish Broadcasting Company and Tanssiva karhu prize. 

Second part:

Starting at 9 PM, we will hear a rambling combination of poetry and music, including Satu Erra´s poetry from the book Hetkenä minä together with musical saw artist Antti Halonen, more poetry from James Meetze and their translations, multilingual and visual poetry by poet Cia Rinne, poetry by Milka Luhtaniemi from her book Kirnu and a multi-artistic poetry performance by the Polish poet and translator Julia Fiedorczuk.

The evening culminates in the performance of the literature performance group black mödernism feat. Cia Rinne

Hosts: Saara Kanerva Tamminen ja Even Minn

Please note! There is a change in the duration of the event: the event ends already at 11 PM.

Tickets: after 9 PM 12/14 € + service fee 2 €. Maximum number of visitors: 50 visitors in two separate sectors of 25 people. Link to the ticket sale opens in August, please buy your ticket in advance. Tickets here

You can also follow the live stream on the Facebook event.

In cooperation with the US Embassy in Helsinki, Versopolis, Yle – the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Digitaalisen kirjallisuuden hanke 

Please read our safety instructions and safer space guidelines here.


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