Sähkö – An Electrifying Evening

The cross-artistic performance pride of Jyväskylä, Sähkö, visits Poetry Moon to reflect on the time before us, our time and the time that comes after. The collection of performances helps observe the world, language, and strange human behavior with both a telescopic and a microscopic gaze.

The evening includes performances by Lauri Hei, Suvi Valli together with Riitta Cankoçak, Raisa Marjamäki, Eira Stenberg and Drama-Helmi. DJ Harri Hertell will bring together everything with a poetic ensemble of music.

The performances are in Finnish.

The safe number of participants for the event will be announced in August.
In collaboration with Keski-Suomen Kirjailijat, Tuli & Savu poetry magazine, Tiivistämö