Writers Meet: Luise Boege & Laura Lindstedt

Writes Luise Boege (Germany) and Laura Lidstedt (Finland) meet and discuss their books and writing.  Kaisa Kaakinen will lead the discussion.

You can read Louise Boeges text März here: Luise Boege: März (translation by Charlotte Thiesen and Sam Langer), and the Finnish translation here: Luise Boege: Maaliskuu (suom. Veera Kaski). An example of Laura Lindstedts novel My Friend Natalia can be read here: Laura Lindstedt: My friend Natalia (translated by David Hackston)

The safe number of participants for the event is 30 but it can be seen online on our Facebook event.

The event will take place in Oodi (3rd floor). Seats cannot be reserved. Please do not attend if you exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19 or if you believe you have been exposed to the virus.

Read our safety instructions and Safer Space Principles here.

In collaboration with Goethe Institut Finland, Oodi.