Iida Hägglund & Helka Saariniemi

iidana (Iida Hägglund) is a Helsinki-based composer, musician, sound designer, sound artist, performer, and writer. Her music and sound art move in a synth-focused, melancholic sad girl dream world, combining poetry, sound effects, and pop culture samples with music. Iidana is interested in feminism, girlhood, and experiences of infatuation.

Helka Saariniemi is a scenographer and performance maker originally from Savo, later settled in Helsinki, who is inspired by small things and taking a close look. Their video art combines video, hand-drawn animation, stop-motion and live video. Helka likes to wonder and slow down, and at the core of their artistic interests are at least clumsiness, sweetness and whimsicality, as well as small, vanishing everyday phenomena.