Poetry Moon literature festival 18th edition in 2022 has “Boundaries” as a theme and takes place in Helsinki.

Our main locations this year are Tiivistämö (Kaasutehtaankatu 1) and Rosebud Sivullinen bookstore (Kaisaniemenkatu 5).

The graphic design of Poetry Moon festival 2022 is by Pilvi Hyväri.

The festival is supported by Ministry of Culture, City of Helsinki and The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

All events of Poetry Moon Festival follow these guidelines of safer space

You can find the Accessibility Statement of our websites here (in Finnish)

Runokuu (Poetry Moon) is the largest poetry festival in the Nordic countries. It has taken place in Helsinki annually since 2004, gathering both Finnish and international poets and poetry lovers to the Baltic sea in late August. The festival consists of late night poetry clubs, poetic and interdisclipinary performances as well as deep-diving discussions into the place of poetry in the world. Each festival has a unique theme, which serves as a conversation starter and inspiration for our varied programme.

We endeavour to push experimental, marginal and young poets and poetics into the forefront, without forgetting the importance of roots and traditions. Every year we also invite 10-15 international guests to perform at the festival. This international atmosphere broadens the perspectives of Finnish poetry and helpes create lasting bonds between poetry scenes all around the world.

Every year we also collaborate with the Helsinki region public transport system in our “Poetry on Track” project. We choose contemporary, recently published poems for HSL, who broadcast them in their advertisement screens throughout the duration of the festival. We also print beautifully designed poetry postcards with these poems and give them out for free at our events and in selected places around Helsinki.

If you are interested in suggesting an event or a collaboration for Poetry Moon, we would love to hear from you! Please contact Mandi Markkanen (mandi.markkanen[at] with all of your ideas and questions.