An Afternoon of Translations

The afternoon of Translations will feature performances related to translating poetry, as well as SKTL’s translation slam. The afternoon includes the new translations of John Keats’ and Judith Schalansky‘s works, about which Erkka Filander and Raisa Marjamäki will be interviewed.

The translation-slam is a translation variant of a Poetry Slam. Translator Einari Aaltonen and translation researcher Anne Ketola will translate José Luis Rico Carrillo‘s Spanish-language poem into Finnish. The translators will have to justify their choices in a discussion hosted by poet Harri Hertell.

The event is in Finnish.

The safe number of participants for the event will be announced in August.

In collaboration with the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters, Poesia and Oodi

Anne Ketola is a university lecturer in translation studies who devotes her free time to poetry translation and activism work in the field of multilingual literature.

Einari Aaltonen is a translator who has been working with literature since 1999.

Harri Hertell is a Helsinki-based poet, cultural producer, and spoken word artist.

José Luis Rico Carrillo is an award-winning poet from Mexico living in Helsinki.