The Club of Experimenting Literature: Dusk

The club of experimenting literature asks and experiences, how literature and the arts flounder at the boundaries of form and formlessness, knowledge and ignorance. Through three performances, and discussions related to them, we move at the meeting points of species and genres – both the arts and biological: what is special and characteristic to writing, sound and image, how they resonate in the club’s performances, and where is the shared ground. The club is curated and hosted by Reetta Pekkanen and Jouni Teittinen.

In her book Fantasma (S&S 2022), Tanja Tiekso examines hypnagogia and underground visions, spaces, where something changes to another. Transformations are also present in Olli Aarni’s sound art. In the club’s performance, he conjures up sounds inspired by Tiekso’s book, that hop from character to character and between forms. The sound and text read aloud by Tiekso are independent elements, that form surprising patterns when randomly crossing paths and feeling each other.

In their performance, the poet Henriikka Tavi and saxophonist Jaakko Martikainen make use of the similarity of the sound of human voice and the saxophone. The possibilities of means in ad hoc -performances changes from poetry reciting to pop tunes, from free jazz to sound poetry. In the center of this particular performance is a cross-bred dog called Remu.

Kultapalmut, a duo formed by Pauliina Mäkelä and Topias Tiheäsalo, combines visual and aural dimensions into a magical, modern day magical lamp performance – like an experimental Laterna Magica. Kultapalmut makes sorts of real time, always individually formed movies. Pictures and concrete reflections reflected with an overhead projector are accompanied by the sounds of the electric guitar, transistor radio, and a camera flashlight. There is experimentality and coincidence in the performance: a particular performance can never be reiterated as it was.

The club takes place at the hall of Tiivistämö.

Tickets: 10 e (for the members of Nuoren Voiman Liitto) / 12 e
Buy tickets beforehand here. Tickets bought online are added a 2 euro service fee.
Please note, that the club, as well as the ticket booking, are in Finnish.


Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00580 Helsinki