Discussion: Glitchfeminism, literature, and other arts

More and more people find their identity and experience political awakening on the internet’s discussion platforms. Digital platforms offer unique opportunities for feminist activity and communality, that also spreads into action AFK, away from keybord. Legacy Russell’s Glitchfeminismi – Manifesti (Tutkijaliitto 2022), recently translated into Finnish, is a passionate manifest, which finds societal revolutionary force from the action cultures of internet communities.

Henrik Pathirane from the book’s translating collective discusses with sound designer/sound and performance artist Tari Doris, who has further developed ideas of non-binary sound design. Taneli Viljanen, also from the collective, hosts. The discussion is in Finnish.

Free entry.

In collaboration with Tutkijaliitto.


Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00580 Helsinki