Exhibition: “Twists” by Tiina Lehikoinen


Twists-exhibition, set up as a part of Poetry Moon Festival, display the works of Tiina Lehikoinen from over the last ten years. In several works, words and pictures twine towards each other: visual poems can be figurative forms, and pieces of word art lists associating with images. Many of the works in the exhibition place themselves at the borders of arts.

Lehikoinen is a visual artist and an author, who has published poems, short prose, a hybrid novel, as well as essays and comics, and her works have been on display in several exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

The exhibition opening will be on August 18th at 6-8 p.m. At the opening Lehikoinen will be interviewed by reporter Minna Joenniemi.

I am interested in situations and moments, in which something uncontrollable, strange, new, or disturbing is popping out, and different kinds of energies, forms of being, and registers crash into each other.

Instead of things that are thought to be eternal and sublime, I am impacted by this-sidedness, parallels between different creatures and species, the personal, and the material. In my art, I aspire to immediacy, to make familiar things strange, and to see differently. Affectivity, corporeality, and flashlike nature, and, at the same time, different commentaries and counter narratives of history are characteristic to my work.

One of my favorite working methods is collage. For example, Pieni suuri rihmasto (2019), a piece of word art related to concrete poetry, was born by picking words related to art from magazines, books, and other platforms published in the last one hundred years.

I think in pictures, hence my texts are also often pictorial. Or, in the case of my paintings, the works might be not only material, but also figurative and story-based. In addition, the border between the outside and the inside reality is often wavering in my works.

Currently, I am thinking about the theme of Poetry Moon Festival, “border”, especially from the perspective  of limitation. The conception of infinity cherished by the modern has come to the end of it’s road, and awareness of different kinds of borders in art, too, is more and more important.”

The exhibition is on display at Cultural Centre Stoa 18.8.-18.9. during Stoa’s opening hours.

Free entry.

In collaboration with Cultural Centre Stoa.


Turunlinnantie 1, 00900 Helsinki