Performance: VALLAANTUA

VALLAANTUA is an unruly performance by Iiris Miettinen and Elsi Sloan, which they make because to be confined to one binary gender, world defined by one species alone, one art form, or one voice is not an option for them. You have to sprawl, be many, many, many, and get to rejoice it together. May the borders between sound art, poetry, language and music soften, may the borders between genders soften. You may let go, bleed, disturb narratives, wag at the ones you don’t like, quietly and noisily cherish.

VALLAANTUA carves, longs, invites, and conjures gender euphoric space inside and outside of language. It destines non-binary and gender euphoria from the inside, reaching outside of it.

VALLAANTUA explores gender euphoria as an event that pierces through skin, crosses individual’s borders, and that is possible to share.

VALLAANTUA is taking space, it is a performance about genders that decline to take part in withering and depleting the diversity of our planet. It is a performance about genders under extinction wave that radiate, seep and tell about themselves and each other with love, rejoicing of their impossibility.

Photo: Varjo Sarsila

The performance takes place at Tiivistämö.

Free entry.


Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00580 Helsinki