To Carry, To Wade – A Shoreline Performance

“I amuse myself with the thought that instead of writing in a poetic space I would write at a poetic bottom. At the bottom of the forest and the swamp, in the snow’s sense of sink, the catkin, the sprout, the rhizome.”The performance is a poetic, bilingual essay reading on a shore in Mustikkamaa. It is based on the lyric essay Kantaa, kahlata by Milka Luhtaniemi and its English version (To Carry, To Wade), translated by Matias Loikala, which will be published in its entirety both in Finnish and in English in the Mustarinda Magazine in August. It is entwined with the feel of the forest and the swamp surrounding the Mustarinda house in Paljakanvaara, Kainuu, and asks what it is like to experience surface and matter by wading in them. The movement of wading, a dance of yielding and resistance, acts as the grounding force both for the essay and the performance. The writer and the translator also invite the participants to wade together to the rhythm of the reading on the shoreline of Mustikkamaa, but it is also possible to experience the performance from dry land.We will meet at the Korkeasaari parking lot in Mustikkamaa (Mustikkamaantie 10) at 17:30, from where we will walk together to the nearby performance area. If interested in wading in the water, participants are kindly asked to bring their own rubber boots or similar shoes for wading purposes.Duration approx. 45 minutes. The performance is free of charge but requires signing up in advance. Do it here.
In case of stormy weather, the performance will be moved to Tiivistämö (Kaasutehtaankatu 1).


Mustikkamaantie 10