Poetry Moon 2022 program has been published

The Poetry Moon (Runokuu) festival is held this year 22.-29.8. The theme of the festival is “boundaries”. During the program different boundaries are tested, crossed, mixed and remade. Where are the boundaries of language, categories of literature and art, located?

The festival consists of late night poetry clubs, performances as well as deep-diving discussions at the atmospheric milieu of Tiivistämö (Kaasutehtaankatu 1). A new factor this year is Runokuu OFF, a mini-program where we invited actors of Finnish literary scene to produce events of their own. Runokuu OFF is held on the stage of Rosebud Sivullinen bookstore on 26.-27.8.

This year’s Poetry Moon festival has more international guests than ever. They arrive from (at least!) Ukraine, France, Germany, Italy, The Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Denmark and Spain.

You can see the program by clicking the link at the top of the page or here. We will update the program with more English translations as the festival gets closer.

More information:
Mandi Markkanen, 044 207 4651, 
Laura Serkosalo, 044 207 4650,