Çağla Arıbal

Çağla Arıbal is Berlin-based writer and poet of Turkish descent.

She holds a B.A. in English Literature from Hacettepe University, Turkey and an M.A. in Modernities in Literature and Culture from Potsdam University, Germany, with a thesis entitled ‘The Portrait of the Artist as a Forger’.

Aribal writes mostly in English. Some of her stories and poems have been published and anthologized in international magazines. In 2023, she won the Best Short Fiction Prize from the Oxford Review of Books. Aribal also teaches literature and writing courses at European institutions and universities, focusing on techniques she developed to combat imposter syndrome and self-doubt, which she herself has experienced.

Currently, she is editing her novel about fakery, set in Berlin and Istanbul, as well as a poetry collection.
She likes self-irony in people and flamboyance in cats.