Runojazz Poemszz

Runojazz Poemszz is an atmospheric club night at Runokuu poetry festival, electrifying poetry with music. Runojazz brings international poet guests to the Parvisali attic of Tekstin talo, featuring literary free jazz improvisation, jazz music composed for old poems, raw experimental soundscapes, and poetic performances.

The evening will showcase performances by notable young Finnish jazz musicians, Josefiina Vannesluoma & The Mortal Lease, poet Sini Silveri & band, Ristofon Möttönen mixing poetry and free jazz, Turkish poet living in Berlin Çağla Aribal, and Morocco-born Dutch author, poet and translator Nisrine Mbarki (Versopolis).

Çağla Arıbal is a Turkish writer, teacher, and poet based in Berlin, with a background in English literature and modern culture. Winner of The Best Short Fiction Award by the Oxford Review of Books in 2023, she primarily writes in English, with works published in anthologies and international releases.

Nisrine Mbarki is a multilingual writer, poet, literary translator, and producer known for her versatile work transcending genres. Her debut poetry collection “Shoreless” was nominated for awards in the Netherlands. Her work as a translator focuses on female and feminist writers. Mbarki is a part of the Versopolis network.

Josefiina Vannesluoma & The Mortal Lease, a duo comprising singer-songwriter Josefiina Vannesluoma and pianist Mikael Myrskog, interpret century-old poems with fervor. Vannesluoma’s composition, based on Edith Wharton’s poetry, explores various moods from ecstatic outbursts to restrained elegance.

Sini Silveri & band offers a unique blend of poetry and music, featuring members Rusto Myllylahti, Heikki Romppainen, and Sini Silveri, known for her published poetry collections and collaborative music projects.

Ristofon Möttönen is a collaborative musical project between writer and saxophonist Risto Oikarinen, and drummer, sound artist Jussi Miettola. Their performance is a comforting, playful, and profound dialogue between saxophones and electronics, drums and poetic verses, touching on themes of love and death in a creative narrative.


Parvisali, 6. krs, Tekstin talo, Lintulahdenkatu 3, 00530 Helsinki