Animals, landscapes, novels

Can a novel narrate an animal? Does a novel need human beings? Is the landscape without human interesting? What kind of forms we need to write about rubbish? What we are expecting from the compositions and structures of a novel?

The discussion is divided into two parts: first we think of drama´s and theatre´s means compared to the novel, together with playwright Pipsa Lonka and researcher Elsi Hyttinen. At the second half of the conversation we talk about Laura Gustafsson´s novel Rehab. Hosts: authors Selja Ahava and Emma Puikkonen.

Animals, landscapes, novels discussions starts three-part discussion series about structures in literature. Selja Ahava and Emma Puikkonen are writing an essay book about novel structures, and the discussion series is thinking of novel´s essence – it´s flesh and blood, and spirit. Another part of the discussion takes place in Turku in October focusing on novel´s ways, boundaries and the future. Third part is focusing on structures in music, and interfaces between novel and classical music.

The event is held in Finnish. Registration here Maximum number of visitors: 50 visitors shared in two separate sectors of 25 people. The event is free of charge.

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