Baltic humanoids

This reading zooms in on the significance of bodies, animals, and landscapes in poetry; their symbolic and descriptive value in social criticism and ongoing planetary transformation. Four poets – Kati Neuvonen, Saad Hadi, Sini Silveri and Hamdam Zakirov – will address different aesthetics related to posthumanism: the silent revolution that revamps traditional binaries such as nature and culture, human and animal, living and non-living, beauty and ugliness, mind and body, self and other. 

The event is in English and Finnish. Some performances are also in Arabic and Russian. All poetry is translated into English. 

The event will be held at Tiivistämö’s outdoor stage. The event is free of charge. Registration here. Maximum number of visitors: 25 (updated 12.8.).

You can also follow the live stream on the Facebook event.

In cooperation with Sivuvalo and Stage – Suvilahden kesäteatteri 

Please read our safety instructions and safer space guidelines here.


Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00580 Helsinki