FILI’s Workshop: Translating Finnish Poetry

The workshop of translating poetry organized by Finnish Literature Exchange (FILI) culminates in Afternoon of Translation at Tiivistämö on Sunday 28.8. We will hear translations of Finnish poetry into different languages and a discussion about questions relating to translating poetry: Isn’t poetry impossible to translate? Must the translator be a poet? What is left of the original in the translation, what goes missing, and what new arises? What kinds of challenges do translators of Finnish poetry face?

The discussion is hosted by Michal Švec, who translates into Czech. The participants of the workshop translate contemporary Finnish poetry into following languages: English, Spanish, Korean, Latvian, Polish, German, Slovene, Danish, and Ukrainian.

In co-operation: FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange


Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00580 Helsinki