Koettelevan kirjallisuuden klubi: nontemporality

Theme at the Runokuu´s Koettelevan kirjallisuuden klubi is Nontemporality. The club asks what happens between author´s publications and how long can a book live? When does the book become old? Is a new book more relevant than an old book? What does reading of old literature offer to the writer? Is slowly written text timeless or nontemporal?

Club is curated and hosted by authors Eeva Turunen and Katja Raunio.

At the club we meet researcher Eeva-Liisa Bastman, with whom we sink into poetry from 15th and 16th century and the change of literary culture. Another guest is author Kristina Carlson, who has written in her long career novels, poetry, radio drama and books for young people. Her newest novel Eunukki (“Eunuch”, Otava 2020) is located in the 10th century China, and the main character is an eunuch serving in the court of Song dynasty. With Carlson, hosts talk for example about publishing rarely and what kind of effect does the old literature have for one´s writing.

After meeting Eeva-Liisa Bastman and Kristina Carlson, the hosts talk with poet Henriikka Tavi, who has been part of the working group of the artwork IÄI, which is immersive piece of art at  the forest. IÄI consist of carved words and syllables and the aim is to offer words back to the forest. IÄI working group consist of IC-98 artists Patrik Söderlund and Visa Suonpää, together with poets Mikael Bryggeri, Henriikka Tavi and Olli-Pekka Tennilä.

Koettelevan kirjallisuuden klubi can be translated as “Club of Challenging literature”. It´s purpose is to find different ways of presenting challenging literature via readings, discussion and performances. “Challenging” can be understood in many ways: we can challenge literature, thinking, experiences, presumptions, understanding, patience or for example conventional reading habits. The performance can cross the boarders of art forms, across the boarders or subtly challenge them.

Tickets: 4/5 € + service fee 2€. Link to the ticket sale , please buy your ticket beforehand. The event is held in Finnish.

Maximum number of visitors: 50 visitors shared in two separate sectors of 25 people (updated 18.8.)

You can also follow the live stream on the Facebook event.

Please read our safety instructions and safer space guidelines here.


Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00580 Helsinki