Nuori/Voima club

Nuori/Voima club is exploring connections between nature and human, environmental anxiety and point of wiew of the plants with discussions, poetry performances, and music.

At the first discussion we meet authors Niillas Holmberg and Anni Kytömäki, who are reflecting connections between being artist and having connection to nature on the basis of their books Halla Helle and Margarita. At Halla Helle, the nature is inseparable part of people´s lives, and Margarita gives voice to the forests and Margaritana margaritifera, a rare pearl shell that lives in rivers.

Unfortunately, Susi Nousiainen’s performance has been cancelled (updated 20.8.).

At the another discussion of the evening authors Katri Naukari and Saila Susiluoto dive into autofiction´s ways of dealing with environmental stress. Naukari´s essayistic debut novel Yhden puun tuho is dealing with human´s tendency of self-destruction, and Susiluoto´s essayistic novel Kehrä speaks about climate change, human in transformation process, grief and letting go.

Also, the winners of the annual Debytoi runoilijana competition will perform in the club!

At the end, poet Niillas Holmberg and musician Pauli Lyytinen will meet on stage, and they will describe landscapes, soil, and shores with their art. Holmberg will read unpublished texts and parts of the awarded poetry book Jalkapohja, combining reading with yoik, and Lyytinen completes the performance with musical elements such as woodwind and electric instruments – and creates musical worlds with them.

Hosts: Nuori Voima editors-in-chief Vesa Rantama and Taija Roiha. The event is held in Finnish.

Tickets:  10/12€ + service fee 2€. Tickets here Maximum number of visitors: 50 in two separate sectors of 25 visitors. Please buy your ticket beforehand.

You can also follow the live stream on the Facebook event.

In cooperation with Nuori Voima magazine, Gummerus

Please read our safety instructions and safer space guidelines here.


Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00580 Helsinki