Opening Club: Poetry Mixtape

Poetry Moon’s opening club, Poetry Mixtape, serves a wide selection of poetry recited and performed – perhaps in in surprising ways – from Finland and abroad. Sinikka Vuola and Niklas Ahnberg host.

Juha Kulmala and Pauliina Haasjoki recite from their new poetry collections. Kulmala’s RESET digs under waste and garbage and finds something of beauty, meaning, and anxiousness, which art must prevail through disaster. Haasjoki’s Nausikaa  is a feminist and planetary work of poetry, that studies the cycle of matter and interspecies relations.

During the evening we get to hear poetry in multiple languages and translated into Finnish. Katariina Vuorinen and musician Otso Helasvuo give a bilingual reading in Spanish and in Finnish of Vuorinen’s poetry collection Myöhempien kesien jumalat. Antonella Anedda and Hannimari Heino read in Italy and in Finnish from Anedda’s poetry selection Anatomioita. Jyrki Kiiskinen reads Finnish translations of Ann Jäderlund’s poems. Unfortunately, Ann Jäderlund is unable to attend the event.

J. P. Sipilä presents an audiovisual performance with his multimedia installation Illan tullen (huomennakin), which is built in the web. The piece moves through text, pictures, and sounds between different spaces that we are not used to facing in an ordinary web browser. Essential part of the experience is the rich and intimate soundscape, created by Bereen Ondo, Machinefabriek, and Samuli Sailo.

Circuit Arcadia, also, expands our understanding of poetry with their piece _Degeneraatio (2021). The protagonist’s long-going insomnia opens a portal at the bottom of uncanny valley, where an encounter with a machine goddess starts to unravel the relationship between generation and disintegration. Text, reading, and video: Mari Laaksonen. Audio design, video: Frankie Shannon.

Nazli Karabiyoglu from Turkey adds to the international guests. The night culminates in the performance ≠ sota ≠ sota ≠ sota by black mödernism, which builds upon the poems of contemporary Ukrainian poets, that have been translated into Finnish.


15 e (Nuoren Voiman Liitto members) / 18 e
Get tickets in advance here. Tickets bought online have an additional 2 e service fee.

In cooperation: Osuuskunta Poesia, Parkko Kustannus, Aviador Kustannus, Siltala, Istituto Italiano di Cultura Helsinki, Luova Eurooppa


Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00580 Helsinki