Poetry walk at Vuosaari Landfill Hill

This year’s poetry walk takes place at Vuosaari Landfill Hill. The Landfill Hill used to be a real landfill but after vast landscaping work it has been turned into a beautiful recreational site that contains surprisingly diverse flora. During the scenic walk up the hill it’s difficult to imagine that there are millions of tons of waste deep within the ground under your feet.

Sauli Seppälä from Helsinki City Museum tells us about the rich local history of the area. Maria Matinmikko’s poetry performance evokes the poetic dimensions of the visited places and landscapes. The Poetry walk moves between the wavering border of everyday language and poetic language, and explores how the experience of a place changes when different texts, poetic images, snippets of information and verbal suggestions are attached to it.

Free entry. However, there are limited spots on the walk. Please, reserve your spot here.
Please note, that the walk is held in Finnish. The entry link is in Finnish, as well.

Please dress accordingly to the weather!

In co-operation Helsinki City Museum, Vuotalo


Tryvikintie, 00980 Helsinki