Unlightened forest – poetry reading at Uutela forest

Poet Raisa Marjamäki takes us to the small forest area at full moon. At the performance, Marjamäki examines about peripheries, edges, and distant locations. You can see from periphery to the center, but from the center it´s not so clear to see what is around, when standing brightly lighten center. Why we need darkness to see? What the human cannot light?

At the evening forest we hear human language, and maybe a mind of something else.

We meet at Vuosaari, at Kahvila Kampela. There is about 100 metres to the venue. The venue is outdoors, and there is no build structures at the venue, and you must climb a bit to access the venue. Unfortunately, the venue is not accessible to wheelchair users. Organizers will guide participants to the venue and will take care of the safety. Please wear clothes suitable for the weather and if you like, you can bring an underlay with you if you like to sit more comfortably during the performance.

The entrance ticket is a sentence about forest. You tell the sentence to the poet when arriving.

The event is free of charge. The event is held in Finnish.

Registration here. Maximum number of visitors: 20.

In cooperation with Vuotalo.

Please read our safety instructions and safer space guidelines here.


Uutelantie 1, 00990 Helsinki